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Management Development Network members in Scotland meet separately, as MDN in Scotland, and organise a separate programme of events. These are open to MDN members from other parts of the UK, and are sometimes open to trainers or consultants based in Scotland who meet some but not all of the membership criteria and are therefore not eligible to become members.

To find out about MDN and how to join, see About MDN.

If you are based in Scotland and do not meet all of the membership criteria, but are interested in MDN events in Scotland, contact MDN at the address below.

To find MDN members in Scotland, go to Scotland in the regional list of members.

For further information about MDN in Scotland contact
c/o Shirley Otto
tel 01875 830511
To email, click on

The email address is in an anti-spam coding that requires Javascript, so you will not be able to see it if Javascript is not activated on your computer. It is scotland at mdn.org.uk, with the spaces and "at" replaced by the @ symbol.

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