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Independent Specialists
in Management, Governance and Organisational Development
with Voluntary Organisations

MDN membership is open to individuals based in the UK who meet all the following criteria:

  • Independent: they are independent of the organisations to which they provide consultancy or training.
  • Self-employed: their work is done primarily on a freelance or self-employed basis. This may also include members of workers' co-operatives, partners in a partnership, and individuals who have set up their own limited company to carry out their own business.
  • Specialising in and prioritising work with charities, other voluntary organisations and organisations such as community interest companies: they work exclusively or primarily with voluntary organisations/NGOs (rather than the public sector, or businesses which have a profit motive even if the profit is to be used for good causes).
  • Focus on organisational, governance and management development in voluntary organisations: the focus of their work is on management, governance and organisational development issues such as governance, planning, quality, evaluation, roles, organisational structures, working relationships, organisational cultures, or systems and procedures for managing people, work, money or information. Specialisms such as fundraising, marketing and public relations are less likely to be appropriate.
  • Established: they have met all the above criteria for two years or more.


Members of the Management Development Network:

  • receive invitations to all MDN events;
  • receive handouts from all MDN events, even if they do not attend;
  • are included in the list of members, regional index of members, and members' management and sector specialism indexes on the MDN website;
  • are entitled to an individual page about their work on the MDN website;
  • receive details of training and consultancy work opportunities that are notified to MDN;
  • receive other information relevant to freelance consultancy within the voluntary sector, such as other organisations' publications and events;
  • are entitled to join the MDN LinkedIn group, for informal discussions with other members.
Members who no longer meet the criteria for full membership but still do some management, governance or organisational development work with voluntary organisations are eligible, on payment of a reduced subscription, to become continuing members. They continue to receive all benefits of MDN membership other than inclusion on the MDN website and the travel subsidy for events.

Members who have resigned from full or continuing membership become Friends of MDN, if they wish, and continue to be invited to most MDN events. The fee to attend events is higher for Friends than for full or continuing members.


There are two types of charge:

  • An annual fee of £86 per member (for the year from 1 January to 31 December), to cover the benefits listed above and MDN's administration costs;

  • a charge for seminars, workshops and other events. This covers lunch, refreshments and special papers and is typically £60-75 for an all-day event, or £40-50 for a half-day or evening event.


If you meet the membership criteria, print out the application form and send your completed form and the supporting information requested on the form as email attachments mdn@mdn.org.uk or by post (the postal address is below). At the same time either send a cheque for the annual fee, or contact for bank details and pay the fee by BACS.

If you are not sure whether you meet the criteria for membership, please contact Nic Hinrichsen at nic@mdn.org.uk to discuss your situation.

After receiving your application and payment we will assess your supporting information and get back to you, usually within 10 days, to confirm your membership or ask for additional information about your work. If it appears to us that your work does not meet our criteria for membership, your cheque will be returned or your BACS payment refunded.

If you meet the criteria but are not certain about whether you want to join, you will be welcome to attend one of our seminars or workshops, on payment of the charge for the event. To arrange this please contact mdn@mdn.org.uk.

If you have not yet been a freelance management consultant or trainer in the voluntary sector for two years, you can let us know when you will meet the two-year requirement, and we will send you a reminder at that time.


The Management Development Network is an unincorporated association, with major decisions provisionally made at members' meetings and confirmed through a referendum of members. Meetings are generally held twice a year, immediately after seminars or other events.

Members based in Scotland meet separately as MDN in Scotland, and organise a separate programme of events. These events are open to all MDN members, regardless of where they live.

Members in other areas are encouraged to organise events locally.

MDN is currently administered on a voluntary basis by six "convenors" who are longstanding MDN members. Current convenors are Andy Cawdell (finance and administration), Nic Hinrichsen (policy and membership), Karen Morton (outreach and communications), Shirley Otto (MDN in Scotland), Anna Stobart (London events), and Kris Von Wald (MDN in Scotland). Louise Orcheston-Findlay is part-time administrator.

For further information contact
PO Box 63494, London SE4 9DA
Tel 07479 287325
Email mdn@mdn.org.uk

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