About MDN events

Since it was founded in 1991, MDN has arranged nearly 200 events for members – all of them designed to help us work more effectively with our client voluntary organisations. They have covered a huge range of topics, from the very practical to the theoretical, from the unusual to the technical, and everything in between.

Rather than relying on formal requirements for CPD and processes for accreditation, we have created a meaningful framework for doing it for ourselves. To do this we have drawn on a huge pool of talent and expertise within the membership, while also being able to attract and benefit from the experience of a wide range of external speakers.

These have included practitioners in many aspects of consultancy and training, as well as academics and future-gazers, politicians and civil servants, artists and actors, therapists and story-tellers, accountants and legal specialists, chief executives and other staff from voluntary sector organisations, and much more – even a stand-up comedian.

The emphasis has always been on networking, sharing expertise and experience with peers in a safe, comfortable environment, and having fun. Or, as it was described in our tenth anniversary booklet in 2001, “chitchat, challenge and camaraderie”.

Events are usually held in central London, supplemented by events in Scotland and, where there are local members willing to organise them, elsewhere in England. Events are open to members, Friends of MDN and guests attending with a member. MDN in Scotland organises its own programme of events, most of which are open to all MDN members and Friends, regardless of where they are based.

Our list of recent events shows how MDN can help you develop skills and expertise.

We publicise events on our website and MDN members can book on-line in the Members Area.

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