Criteria for work opportunities

If you would like to post a work opportunity on MDN’s free service please check it meets the criteria listed below.

 Who can use the service?

  • any organisation seeking a consultant or trainer for voluntary sector work
  • an MDN member who has an organisation’s consent to circulate their work opportunity, for example if the member has been offered the work but is unable to take it
  • former MDN members or someone recruiting on behalf of a voluntary sector organisation
  • Members and former members looking for a collaborator.

If in doubt about whether your work opportunity fits the criteria please see below for more explanation.

 The brief

When submitting your brief on line please include:

  • name, website address and contact details of the organisation
  • a clear explanation of the work
  • timescale and expected start date
  • how to apply and the deadline
  • contact details for further information

Not-for-profit organisation

The work should be with a not-for-profit organisation, with aims broadly in common with ‘charitable purposes’. This includes charities, voluntary or community organisations, community interest companies, community benefit societies, campaigning organisations, non-governmental organisations, and consortia which include such organisations. It also includes trading companies wholly owned by a charity or charities. If the work is not with such an organisation or organisations, it should explicitly relate to them.

Examples of work opportunities which would be circulated include freelance work for:

  • a public sector body if it is looking for someone to provide training or consultancy to voluntary organisations, or to provide training to public sector staff about charity law and governance or something else specific to the voluntary sector
  • a commercial company wishing to set up a charitable trust or to develop guidelines for supporting voluntary organisations as part of its corporate social responsibility programme
  • a commercial research organisation seeking people to undertake research specifically about the voluntary sector, volunteering, community involvement or similar topics.
  • Work opportunities with public sector or commercial bodies will be considered by an MDN convenor on a case by case basis before being posted to the MDN website.

Organisational, governance or management development

The work should relate to organisational, governance or management development. This broadly means it must fall within the management specialisms listed in the search facility for the MDN Consultants Directory.


Work opportunities we publicise are specifically intended for freelancers. However, we can sometimes publicise full-time but short-term posts (such as interim posts up to around nine months) or long term, but part-time posts suitable for a freelancer.

If you are uncertain whether your work fits these criteria please email us

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