Membership conditions

In October 2014 MDN’s convenors agreed  that members should confirm, at the time of application and when renewing each year, that they have read these conditions of membership.

Contributing to the network

MDN is a self-help collective which expects members to contribute their skills and experience to the network.

Publicising membership of MDN

Full members of MDN can highlight their membership on headed paper, emails, website, CV etc, provided that:

  • these include a link to the MDN website
  • any mention of MDN does not imply that MDN accredits its members or assesses the quality of their work
  • references in publicity or professional materials to MDN membership status are removed when a member changes from ‘full’ to ‘continuing’ membership


Information about individuals or organisations disclosed at MDN events, webinars or equivalent live and virtual events must be treated as confidential unless the information is known to be (or can reasonably be assumed to be) in the public domain. When introducing an event the organiser will make this expectation clear.

Use of event handouts, briefings and other resources

Hand-outs, briefings and resources provided for MDN members by event speakers, workshop leaders, external speakers and in the members-only section of this website may only be used for members’ personal learning and cannot to be reproduced, or used for any other purposes, without copyright consent.

Respecting MDN and its members

While MDN encourages constructive comments and critiques, it is expected that members will not make verbal, written, digital or any other form of public attacks on MDN, MDN members or groups of members.

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