Diverse Voices – by guest blogger, Tesse Akpeki

The Charity Governance Code introduced a brand new principle. Principle 6 of the Code states “ The board’s approach to diversity supports its effectiveness, leadership and decision making”. It goes on to say that boards whose trustees have different backgrounds and experiences are more likely to engage in debate and[…]

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Value added?

Local charities A few weeks ago, the Dash Charity in Slough, a Women’s Aid refuge organisation, lost its core local authority funding to a London-based housing association; the result of the local authority putting those services out to tender. This is distressing for the well-established charity concerned; its staff and[…]

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Get away? Reflect, Refocus and Realign

With Spring bursting through the door, thoughts often turn towards an annual team away day – a day out of the office, as a team – considerations of the who, what, where and how; though not always the why…. If done well, with thought and planning, away days can be vital and transformative.

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