Membership benefits

MDN is the UK’s only network of experienced freelance consultants and trainers who work primarily in the voluntary sector. Members can exchange ideas, share learning and keep abreast of voluntary sector changes at our seminars and training events.

By joining MDN you gain:

  • membership of the UK’s only network of experienced freelancers who work primarily in the voluntary sector
  • a personal listing in our exclusive on-line searchable Consultants Directory
  • work opportunities from voluntary sector organisations who advertise their projects and consultancy needs on our website
  • seminars and training events to help you keep abreast of current sector developments, network and share learning
  • support from a professional network of like-minded practitioners for sharing best practice, collaborative working and self-development
  • a wealth of stimulating sector specific information and handouts from MDN events
  • opportunities to become involved in collaborative projects

On occasion MDN liaises with wider voluntary sector network stakeholders including facilitating discussions, negotiations or submissions on behalf of its members.

MDN is rooted in a self-help ethos. Apart from a part-time paid administrator, MDN members and convenors manage the organisation voluntarily. 

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Full members who no longer meet the membership criteria but still do some freelance management, governance or organisational development work in the voluntary sector can become an Associate (paying a reduced subscription fee). Associates still benefit from MDN membership but are not listed in the Consultants Directory and are not able to include MDN membership on their publicity material.

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