About MDN

MDN is the UK’s only professional network for independent consultants and trainers in the voluntary sector.

MDN aims to :

  • promote the role of independent voluntary sector management consultants and trainers and improve understanding of their work
  • encourage reflection on good practice in voluntary sector interventions
  • promote approaches which foster wider inclusion, empowerment and active participation of traditionally disenfranchised groups in organisational decision-making processes and improved quality of services
  • encourage further skill development and cooperative work among MDN members
  • support and build networking groups for local and regional management consultants, trainers and key stakeholders

Interested in joining us? 

MDN in Scotland

Working closely with the Scottish Charity Regulator (OSCR), MDNinS runs regular events for MDN members and guests from across the UK to share expertise and resources. 

If you’re looking for a consultant or trainer in Scotland please visit our Consultants Directory

 How MDN is run

MDN is an unincorporated association set up in 1991. Major decisions are discussed at twice yearly members’ meetings as part of an event or conference. 

Three longstanding MDN members work as voluntary convenors: Andy Cawdell (Finance and Administration); Karen Morton (Communications) and Shirley Otto (MDNinS). Gail Plant is MDN’s part-time administrator. 


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