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The Management Development Network is a network of experienced freelance management consultants and trainers based in the UK who work primarily or exclusively with voluntary organisations. Regular events open to all members are held in London and Edinburgh, and occasionally in other parts of the UK.

To find out about MDN's purposes, activities and history, see About MDN.

If you are a freelance management consultant or trainer based in the UK and are interested in membership, see How to join MDN.

If you would like to know about MDN in Scotland, see MDN in Scotland.

If you are a voluntary organisation, see Choosing and briefing a management consultant or trainer, the list of MDN members, the regional index of members, the index of members' management specialisms, the index of members' sector specialisms, and the individual pages for each member.

This information will be especially useful to:

  • councils for voluntary service, rural community councils and other local development agencies;
  • national, regional and local umbrella and support organisations for voluntary organisations involved in particular types of work;
  • local authorities, government departments, charitable trusts and other funders which provide support to organisations they fund;
  • other voluntary, public and commercial sector bodies which provide support for people involved in voluntary organisations;
  • colleges and universities running courses on voluntary sector management, governance and organisational development;
  • chief executives, managers and training organisers in voluntary organisations.

You can also find out about books on voluntary sector governance and management by MDN members.

For further information contact
PO Box 63494, London SE4 9DA
tel 07479 287325
To email click

The email address is in an anti-spam coding that requires Javascript, so you will not be able to see it if Javascript is not activated on your computer. It is mdn at mdn.org.uk, with the spaces and "at" replaced by the @ symbol.

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